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Our Story

 Farm Fresh Popcorn 
Papa Baldy and his wife Cindy
Second Generation Baldwin Family

It all began while eating a snack in the winter of 2016.

Farmer Dwight Baldwin (known as Papa by his grandchildren) wondered why people didn't grow popcorn in McPherson County.

Dwight and Cindy Baldwin have been farming in McPherson County since the 1970s. While they have always generally grown wheat, corn, soybeans and sorghum, Dwight was looking for an alternative crop to generate additional income for the farm.

Dwight planted five acres of popcorn in the spring of 2017.  In September 2017 the crop was harvested and the Baldwin family began marketing their popcorn under the Papa Baldy's label.

The business is truly a family owned and operated venture.  Dwight, and his son Adam grew and harvest the crop; Cindy keeps the books and creates designs for the label; and Kim, Adam's wife, helps with the graphic design and manages the social media. Papa's grandchildren also help promote Papa Baldy's by eating as much popcorn as they can!

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